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Protein Crystallography Group

Professor Dr. Eckhard Hofmann

Welcome to the Protein Crystallography Group.
We seek to determine the structure and functional mechanism of proteins. We use X-ray crystallography to determine the three-dimensional structures of those proteins in order to get insight into their function. The use of further biochemical and biophysical methods are crucial. A major focus in the laboratory is to understand the mechanism of membrane proteins.


News: New grant for a protein purification lab

The Rectorate of the university has apporoved a grant of 80000 EUR for the establishment of a protein purification lab. This very important step in molecular biology can now be included in basic teaching courses for interested students.
The experiments on 7 Äkta systems are jointly run together with Dr. Nowaczyk from the Department of Biochemistry of plants.

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The Protein Crystallography group has joined the RUB - Blaupause.
You can find pictures of the crystals here